Thursday, January 24, 2008

One Half of One Percent?

In previous posts, I have lamented how increased investment in online strategy is sorely needed among our political campaigns. I have also touched on how campaigns are behind the curve. Mark Walsh of MediaPost writes of a new study soon to be released by Borrell Associates that examines 2008 online political advertising. From Walsh's story:
(T)he tiny .5% share of political advertising going to the Internet is well below the 9% chunk Borrell estimates the medium gets of ad dollars overall. It garners at least 5% in all other ad categories, including automotive, travel and health.
This is crazy, especially considering how efficient the social web is for promoting a political idea. Campaigns are underfunded, when compared to traditional marketing efforts. Coke has a marketing budget in excess of $400 million a year, whereas the major presidential campaigns will spend less than $150 million. Therefore, it is critical that resources be employed efficiently. What is more efficient than a preexisting, connected set of networks, complete with numerous tools with which to engage and converse?

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