Friday, January 04, 2008

The Message of Social Media

From Jake McKee:

"With the Iowa wins by my man Barack Obama as well as Mike Huckabee, I wonder if something significant hasn’t taken place. Has the mindset that consumers have bought into regarding how they expect companies to treat them and interact with them taken hold in a larger worldly context?

Read what Andrew Sullivan, political blogger, had to say about these two candidates and their wins:

Look at their names: Huckabee and Obama. Both came from nowhere - from Arkansas and Hawaii. Both campaigned as human beings, not programmed campaign robots with messages honed in focus groups. Both faced powerful and monied establishments in both parties. And both are running two variants on the same message: change, uniting America again, saying goodbye to the bitterness of the polarized past, representing ordinary voters against the professionals. Neither has been ground down by long experience, but neither is a neophyte.

Notice the similarities in this statement to the messages of social media, citizen marketing, and customer collaboration which seek to bring humanity back into marketing and business?"

Couldn't have said it better myself...

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