Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ron Paul Learns from Zombies

Ok, so maybe the idea didn't come from the Zombies application within Facebook, but given its reach thus far (over 5.4 million installations to date), Ron Paul's campaign may be on to something with their integration of similar ideas.

The application is very simple, yet over 100,000 users are engaged every day. You receive credit for every friend that you bite. You then infect them, and get credit for whomever they bite. Very simple, yet the numbers are crazy.

My thesis is that the numbers are so large due to the competitive element, namely the leader board. By merely presenting the information of how you stack up overall, among your friends and within your networks, users become engaged. Ron Paul is the first example I have seen to port this logic over to political web strategy.

Within his Grassroots Center, the campaign seeks to sign up precinct captains around the country. There also is an additional tool to recruit your friends. What I am excite to see is the leader board on the Grassroots homepage. We shall see if this proves effective in enhancing the recruitment of precinct captains, just as Zombies and other applications have taken off within the Facebook environment. TechPresident noted today that close to 10,000 captains have been recruited thus far.

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