Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big Data and Hiring

I came across this interesting delineation of the reasons for Ron Johnson's failure at JC Penney.  Hiring is another interesting bastion of opportunity to leverage data for improvement...

I spent some time at PeopleAnswers in it's early days (I was employ #3!) - a business that has scaled behavioral testing to improve hiring and recruitment.  They have (very effectively) attacked part of the problem - exposing our innate selves that drive behavior to potential hiring managers.  This innateness is the foundation of our potential succes. But it is not our whole selves - our experience, our passions, and other variables also play a role in determining our career success.

I wonder what a systemic understanding of JC Penney, Target and Apple's characteristics, culture, products, etc., might have told the JC Penney board, when coupled with Ron Johnson's behavioral profile and experience?  Might they have seen the mismatch sooner?

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