Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Want My Twitter TV!!!

I have been an occasional user of Twitter for a couple years now. I have enjoyed reading the conversations. I have enjoyed the links, pics, and other media shared among the 100 + people I follow. But I am not yet satisfied. I am aware of the whole hashtag thing, but come on, is that the easiest solution out there?

I have eclectic tastes. I love politics. I am a news junkie. I am in to this whole social media thing. And I'm a new dad. But, I am not in to each of these things at the same time all the time. I want channels through which I can view the respective tweets of those I follow in each of these groups.

Better yet, don't make me build my own list of who to follow - I'm lazy. There are organizations associated with each of the topics of interest to me that I already trust. Given the openness of the Twitter API, why don't organizations start creating their own channels? Washington Post, CNN, etc - one of you should own the political Twitter channel, providing a widget of the more prominent political tweeters. A VC, TechCrunch, where's my VC / startup channel?

At the least, blog aggregation sites like HuffPo and Gawker should provide Twitter streams of their authors...

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Tom said...

You can follow the TV shows that people on Twitter are watching using Twilesen,